World Air Quality Report 2021

Hello everyone, today we are going to upload the World Air Quality Report 2021 PDF for the help of all of you. The World Air Quality Report 2021 PDF has been released by IQ Air from the official website or can be downloaded directly from the link given at the bottom of this page. This 2021 World Air Quality Report presents an overview of the state of global air quality in 2021. The report is based on PM2.5 air quality data for 6,475 cities in 117 countries, regions, and territories around the world.
The data used to create this report was generated by thousands of regulatory and low-cost air quality monitoring stations operated by governments, non-profit organizations, research institutions, educational facilities, companies, and citizen scientists around the world. The dataset used to prepare this report was derived from the IQAir real-time online air quality monitoring platform, which collects, validates, calibrates, and harmonizes data from air quality monitoring stations around the world.

World Air Quality Report 2021 List PDF- Highlights

Global Rank Country City, State
1 India Bhiwadi, Rajasthan
2 India Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
3 China Hotan, Xinjiang
4 India Delhi
5 India Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
6 Pakistan Faisalabad
7 India Noida
8 Pakistan Bhawalpur, Punjab
9 Pakistan Peshawar
10 India Bagpat
11 India Hisar
12 India Faridabad
13 India Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
14 India Rohtak, Haryana
15 Pakistan Lahore
16 India Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
17 India Jind
18 India Gurugram
19 China Kashgar
20 India Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
21 India Muzaffarpur, Bihar
22 India Varanasi
23 Pakistan Sahiwal
24 India Bulandshahr
25 India Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
26 India Kadabra
27 India Patna, Bihar
28 Bangladesh Dhaka
29 Chad ChadN’Djamena
30 India Dharuhera
31 India Durgapur
32 Kazakhstan Karagandy
33 India Amroha
34 Bangladesh Sreepur
35 India Charkhi Dadri
36 India Agra, Uttar Pradesh
37 India Yamuna Nagar
38 India Muzaffarnagar
39 India Alampur
40 Kazakhstan Shchuchinsk
41 India Ludhiana
42 India Sonipat
43 India Kurukshetra
44 Kazakhstan Burabay
45 India Jodhpur
46 Kazakhstan Kostanay
47 India Singrauli
48 India Ankleshwar
49 Turkey Igdir
50 India Ambala

You can download the World Air Quality Report 2021 PDF using the link given below.

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