What is Democracy Why Democracy Class 9 Notes

Greetings to all today we are going to upload the What is Democracy Why Democracy Class 9 Notes pdf to assist all students as well as tutors. What is a democracy? What are its features? Chapter 1 from CBSE Class 9 Political Science textbook, Democratic Politics-I builds on an easy explanation of democracy. The text aims to assist students to understand absolutely the bare minimum characteristics of a democratic form of government. After going via this chapter, you would be able to find the contrast between a democratic form of government and a non-democratic government. Democracy is the most dominant form of government in the world today and it is expanding to more countries.
But why is it so? What makes it more suitable than other forms of government? Students can just skim through these CBSE Notes Class 9 Political Science Chapter 1-What is Democracy? Why Democracy? and comprehend these concepts thoroughly. Find the clickable downloadable link to access these CBSE Class 9 Social Science Notes of Political Science Chapter 1, below in this report.

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