Vastu Shastra in Civil Engineering

Dear readers, here we offering Vastu Shastra in Civil Engineering PDF to all of you. As you know that Vastu Shastra is one of the ancient and popular modes of inviting positive energy in your house and family. There are many people who face a lot of challenges in their life but don’t know the exact reason.
So if you are also one of them and facing several types of negative strokes in your life then you should check the Vastu of your house. Nowadays Vaastu Shastra is also a very important part of Civil Engineering because it’s the modern trend to build a house with a Vastu-based design.

Vastu Shastra in Civil Engineering PDF

  • Entrance, Hall, Puja Room should be at the north-east corner
    or east.
  • The dining, balcony should be on the south side.
  • Kitchen, staircase and bathroom should be at south-east
  • Master bed room should be at south-west corner.
  • Children bed room, bath room and stair case should be at north-west corner
  • Second entrance for east facing house/building should be in the north side towards east corner.
  • Balcony may be at north-west corner.
  • The flooring height should be more at south-west corner when compared to other sides or directions.
  • There should be more loads like cupboards or lockers in south-west.
  • Cupboards or shelves for all the rooms should be for west side or south side walls.
  • The door for children bed room should be at south side towards the south-east corner.
  • The door for master bed room should be at east side towards north east corner.
  • Bath room doors should be towards south or north-east corner.
  • The bed in bed room should touch the south side wall and the facing for sleeping must to head at south side and legs towards north side.
  • The main gate entrance should be at north-east corner.
  • The height of compound wall should be more height at south-west corner when compared to other sides.
  • We need to turn to words right side when we are moving up on to the stairs.
  • Comparing to all the rooms the master bed room should be bigger.
  • Over head tank should be placed at south-west corner because the corner should take more loads to balance the vastu.
  • The underground tank should be place at north-east corner.

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