Dear reader, if you are searching for UCO Bank RTGS / NEFT Form PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. The Bank offers Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) & National Electronic Fund Transfer system (NEFT) which permit an efficient, secure, economical, and reliable arrangement of transfer of funds from bank to bank as well as from rehabilitation account in a specific bank to the beneficiary account in another bank across the India.
UCO Bank RTGS/NEFT Form PDF is an employment form published by the UCO bank to the account holder to transfer the amount from one account to another account online. Real-Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) & National Electronic Fund Transfer system (NEFT) systems in UCO bank will work on all days except on Sundays and common National Holidays across the states.

UCO Bank NEFT RTGS Form PDF – Overview

Sr. no Particular Details
1. Type of Form RTGS NEFT Application Form
2. Name of Bank UCO Bank
3. Official Website www.ucobank.com
4. Minimum Limit The minimum limit is Rs. 2 lakhs for RTGS, No minimum limit for NEFT
5. Beneficiary Bank Customers
6. Form Language English, Hindi
7. Uses of Form Online Transfer of Funds

UCO Bank RTGS | NEFT Form – Documents Required

  1. RTGS/NEFT Application Form
  2. Cheque leaves
  3. And any other documents

What are the uses of UCO Bank RTGS NEFT Form PDF?

  1. Online NEFT / RTGS makes it easier to transfer funds on time and without the need for any kind of paperwork.
  2. There is no threat of money being stolen or cheques being forged since all the process is done online.
  3. Huge sums of money can be transferred easily, making it easier for companies to run their business smoothly.
  4. Helps company manage their business capital in a much better way.
  5. There are lesser chances of counter-party default.

Here you can download the free UCO Bank RTGS | NEFT Form PDF by clicking on this link.

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