The Hack Driver Class 10 Questions and Answers

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The Hack Driver Class 10 Questions and Answers PDF – Short Summary

This is a story of a lawyer who after completing his graduation started working with a famous firm in the city. He was working as an assistant clerk there. He did not like the job of serving summons because sometimes he had to face harsh situations. One day, he had to give summons to Oliver Lutkins who was a key witness in some cases. He lived in a small village New Mullion. He was happy to go to the village but the village looked very dull and lifeless. The narrator saw a hack driver on a cheerful platform. He inquired him about Lutkins and came to know he was a shrewd man and had taken loans from many people. The hack driver cunningly extracted from the lawyer that he has come here to give court summons to Lutkin.

Detailed Table of the Chapter 8 Solutions – The Hack Driver Class 10

Sr. No. Particular Description
1. Class 10th
2. Chapter 8
3. Title of the chapter The Hack Driver
4. Board CBSE
5 Author Novelist Sinclair Lewis

The Hack Driver Class 10 MCQs Questions and Answers PDF

Question 11.
“Bill seemed to _____ Lutkins’ talent for dishonesty. ”
(a) dislike
(b) hate
(c) criticize
(d) admire
Question 12.
What was the only pleasant sight?
(a) delivery man
(b) the weather
(c) raw shops
(d) None of the above
Question 13.
How did he travel to New Mullions?
(a) Car
(b) Train
(c) Rickshaw
(d) Bus
Question 14.
What did he hate?
(a) unpleasant work
(b) the side of the city it revealed to him
(c) both of these
(d) None of the above
Question 15.
What job did he get after doing his graduation?
(a) partner in a law firm
(b) lawyer
(c) senior associate
(d) junior assistant clerk
Question 16.
Who is the writer of the story ‘The Hack Driver’?
(a) Guy de Maupassant
(b) Sinclair Lewis
(c) K.A. Abbas
(d) Claire Boiko
Question 17.
Was the narrator successful in serving a summons on Lutkins on his second visit?
(a) yes
(b) no
(c) maybe
(d) may not be
Question 18.
Why was the narrator ordered back to New Mullion once again?
(a) to arrest Lutkins
(b) to serve the summons on him
(c) to live permanently in New Mullion
(d) all of the above
Question 19.
Oliver’s mother rush after the narrator in her hand.
(a) an iron rod
(b) a gun
(c) a stick
(d) a stone
Question 20.
Who gave himself a false name ‘Bill’?
(a) the narrator
(b) Oliver Lutkins
(c) Fritz
(d) Gustaff
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