The Gentlemen of the Jungle Textbook

Friends, in this article we are going to share The Gentlemen of the Jungle Textbook PDF to help you. In the late nineteenth century, the chief European powers divided Africa among themselves. They could do this because European arms were superior and because the African chiefs did not understand the meaning of the treaties they were asked to sign.
As a result, Africans lost the lands they had traditionally lived on and cultivated. Their attitude toward European “expansion” is made clear in the following table, which reflects the attitude of the Kikuyu people of Kenya toward European laws and commissions.
Once upon a time, an elephant made a friendship with a man. One day a heavy thunderstorm broke out, the elephant went to his friend, who had a little hut at the edge of the forest, and said to him: “My dear good man, will you please let me put my trunk inside your hut to keep it out of this torrential rain?”
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