The Bond of Love

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The one can there be love and friendship between human beings and wild animals? Let’s read a fascinating account of an orphaned sloth bear that was rescued by the author. Sloth bears inhabit forested areas, including the tropical rain forests of India and grasslands at lower elevations.

The Bond of Love PDF

  • I WILL begin with Bruno, my wife’s pet sloth bear. I got him for her by accident. Two years ago we were passing through the sugarcane fields near Mysore. People were driving away from the wild pigs from the fields by shooting at them. Some were shot and some escaped. We thought that everything was over when suddenly a black sloth bear came out panting in the hot sun.
  • Now I will not shoot a sloth bear wantonly but, unfortunately for the poor beast, one of my companions did not feel that way about it, and promptly shot the bear on the spot.
  • As we watched the fallen animal we were surprised to see that the black fur on its back moved and left the prostrate body. Then we saw it was a baby bear that had been riding on its mother’s back when the sudden shot had killed her. The little creature ran around its prostrate parent making a pitiful noise.
  • I ran up to it to attempt a capture. It scooted into the sugarcane field. Following it with my companions, I was at last able to grab it by the scruff of its neck while it snapped and tried to scratch me with its long, hooked claws.
  • We put it in one of the gunny bags we had brought and when I got back to Bangalore I duly presented it to my wife. She was delighted! She at once put a colored ribbon around its neck, and after is covering the cub was a ‘boy’ she christened it Bruno.
  • Bruno soon took to drinking milk from a bottle.
  • It was but a step further and within a very few days, he started eating and drinking everything else. And everything is the right word, for he ate porridge made from any ingredients, vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat (especially pork), curry, and rice regardless of condiments and chilies, bread, eggs, chocolates, sweets, pudding, ice-cream, etc., etc., etc.
  • As for drink: milk, tea, coffee, lime juice, aerated water, buttermilk, beer, alcoholic liquor, and, in fact, anything liquid. It all went down with relish.
  • The bear became very attached to our twoAlsatian dogs and to all the children of the tenants living in our bungalow. He was left quite free in his younger days and spent his time playing, running into the kitchen, and going to sleep in our beds.

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