The Ailing planet Class 11 Question Answer

Greetings to all, Today we are going to upload The Ailing planet Class 11 Question Answer PDF to assist you all. The Ailing Planet constitutes a part of class 11 Hornbill chapter 5 NCERT solutions that deal with the current scenario of this planet that has suffered a lot at the hand of humans. The central composition of this text is Green Revolution that to the author’s confidence can save this planet and make it alive again.
The Ailing Planet class 11 raises a deep insight into the task of humans as a part of this planet. Students will get to understand a vital assignment in protecting Mother Nature. It will not only assist them to score excellently in the final assessment but also make them reliable citizens shortly.

The Ailing planet Class 11 Question Answer PDF- Detailed table

Sr. no. Particular Description
1. Board CBSE
2. subject English
3. Chapter 11
4. Class 5th
5. Title of the Chapter The Ailing planet
6. Author
Nani Palkhivala

The Ailing planet Class 11 Question Answer PDF- Short Answers

Question 1.
What are the reasons that are leading to depletion of our natural resources?
In a protein-conscious and protein-hungry world, over-fishing is common. In poor countries, local forests are being destroyed in order to procure firewood for cooking. As a consequence, in some places, firewood has become so expensive that fuel costs more than the food.
Question 2.
What awareness according to Nani Palkhivala is growing worldwide? Why?
The movement, which has gripped the imagination of the entire human race, is the worldwide consciousness that the earth itself is a living organism of which we are parts. It has its own metabolic needs and vital processes that need attention because the earth’s vital signs reveal its declining health.
Question 3.
What is the global concern raised by Mr Lester R. Brown that threatens the very existence of man?
Mr Lester R. Brown has noted the earth’s principal biological systems as fisheries, forests, grasslands, and croplands the foundation of the global economic system. They provide us with our food and virtually all the raw materials for industries. However, human claims are exhausting these resources leading to the collapse and disappearance of fisheries and grasslands.
Question 4.
What is propagated by the concept of sustainable expansion?
The World Commission on Environment and Development popularized the concept of sustainable development in 1987. It stressed the idea of development that meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, i.e., without stripping the natural world of resources future generations would need.
Question 5.
What steps has the Indian government taken to ensure the protection of the environment? What is the impact?

The Indian government through Article 48A of the Constitution of India provides that the State shall try to protect and improve the environment and safeguard the forests and wildlife of the country. But the law has not had the due impact as laws are neither valued nor enforced in India.
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