Thanksgiving Dinner List

Hello friends, today we are going to share the Thanksgiving Dinner List PDF with you and hope you will enjoy the post. ‘Thanksgiving Dinner’ is the tradition in the United States and in Canada which is also called as Turkey dinner, informally. It is a large meal generally centered on a large roasted turkey and longest we will spend in the kitchen. Thanksgiving dinner requires a lot of planning. That’s why we are providing you the detailed information about it.
Important points to keep in mind:

  1. Write down your complete menu.
  2. Simplify your menu responsibilities.
  3. Write down every single ingredient you need to prepare the dishes on your menu plan, as well as the amounts.
  4. Create your shopping list from your ingredient list
  5. Determine how many people will attend the dinner.
  6. Decide if you will cook all the food or if others will be bringing

Thanksgiving Dinner List PDF – Setting the Mood

Some other things which can make the dinner memorable is ‘Setting the Mood’. You can arrange for  some of the item or all of these given below:
– Gourds
– Place & cards
– Tablecloth&(fabric or disposable)
– Construction paper(for kids decorations)
– Candles
– Flowers
Now after having a good dinner its time to clean up. you may require following items at this time:  ❏ – — Trash & bags
– Dish & towels
– Paper & towels
– Shout & Gel(to treat spot on table and  clothes)
You can download the Thanksgiving Dinner List PDF by clicking on the Download button given at the bottom of the page.

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