Tata Pravesh Windows/Door Price List

A journey of a sweet and dream home starts with its door/windows. The door of the homes makes the first impression of the house. People always try to select the best and beautiful door for their homes. Tata Pravesh, the new stalwart brand in Tata Steel’s portfolio, offers you the complete range of stunning and strong home solutions- from steel doors to windows with the inclusion of ventilators. Factory-engineered to perfection, every product is uniform in quality and finish; the texture resembles that of real wood. Here you can also download the Tata Pravesh Windows/Door Price List PDF / Tata Pravesh Windows Brochure PDF by using the link given below.
Due to the steel build, Tata Pravesh doors are more resistant to termites than the regular wooden doors. That’s not all, our doors are also fire-resistant, ensuring better safety of your loved ones and you. Tata Pravesh will stand by you come rain or shine. Tata Pravesh doors are crafted using superior quality steel that is equipped to battle any and every weather condition.
Tata Pravesh doors are seven times more resistant to wear and tear when compared to regular wooden doors. Every two Tata Pravesh Doors saves a tree. Get the strength of steel, while ensuring that you are not causing any damage to Mother Nature.
Contact Number: 1800-4199-200
Here you can download the Tata Pravesh Window Price List PDF / Tata Pravesh Door Brochure PDF by click on the button given below.

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    • I am on the lookout for a metallic door for my apartment. It has to be a secure and a safety door . It has to be a heavy gauge door in wooden finish preferably. Approximate size is 7feet \ 4 feet size . Kindly let me know the specifications of the door and it’s indicative price . This information should be sent on my email address . Also information about the installation and availability in and around Delhi ,.


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