Tamil Nadu CM New Health Insurance Application Form

Hello Friends! here we have uploaded the Tamil Nadu CM New Health Insurance Application Form PDF to help you to get cashless treatment in hospitals in emergency. Under this scheme government will provide cashless treatment to poor people of the state up to Rs. 5 lakh. People who are comes under the Below Poverty Line (BPL) are eligible to get benefits of this scheme. You have to fill Amma Kapitu Thittam Card Application Form to get cashless treatment under this scheme. Below we have given download link for CMCHISTN Application Form PDF / Tamil Nadu CM New Health Insurance Application Form PDF.

Tamil Nadu CM New Health Insurance Application Form – Highlights

Name of Program Amma Kapitu Thittam Card 2021
Topic CM Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme (Amma Kapitu Thittam Card )
Details About Scheme, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents, Benefits, Features, Application Form Date, Registration Process
Issued by State Government
Benefits providing people financial aid when any medical emergency strikes
Beneficiary Tamil Nadu State Peoples

Features of TN CM Health Insurance Scheme CMCHISTN

  • The scheme offers support to people living in BPL in medical emergencies. One of the features of this scheme is that every family member of a family can get financial assistance for health treatment.
  • The scheme also makes Sri Lankan refugees eligible for the benefits with no limit of income.
  • Govt has set up a helpline to solve all the queries regarding the scheme.
  • The beneficiary doesn’t have to pay anything from their pocket. All the medical treatment is free of cost and it’s not hectic as the treatment process is cashless.

Amma Kapitu Thittam Scheme Objectives

  • Amma Kapitu Thittam scheme’s foremost objective is to provide financial aid for medical emergencies to underprivileged people of the state.
  • The objective of the scheme is to financially protect BPL residents from monetary burdens and liabilities which are the result of unfortunate health-related issues and emergencies.
  • CM Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme has paperless and cashless transactions. The beneficiary receives cashless benefits in enlisted hospitals for specific ailments.

Benefits of CMCHISTN Scheme

  • The scheme provides financial support for the treatment of expensive diseases. It saves people from debt.
  • A wide network of hospitals has been set up under the scheme making it easier for people to approach the nearest health center for treatment.
  • The beneficiary doesn’t have to pay anything on their own. The scheme provides cashless transactions.
  • The scheme covers various aspects of treatment such as getting treatment, doctor’s consultations and follow up, etc.
  • The scheme provides health cover to whole family people can get a yearly cover of 5 lakhs.

Eligibilty Criteria for Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme Tamil Nadu

  • Permanent residents of Tamil Nadu can enroll in the scheme. Sri Lankan refugees holding citizenship proof are also eligible.
  • People applying for the scheme should not earn more than 72,000 in a year.
  • Orphans or girl children rescued from registered or unauthorized organizations can also apply for the Amma Kapitu Thittam scheme.
  • People who have migrated to Tamil Nadu from other states can enroll in the scheme but they should have valid migration certificates.
  • The whole family can take advantage of the scheme. Member of the family include-
    • Children until they are married or reach the age of 25. Whichever one is earlier.
    • Parents

Documents Requored for CMCHISTN Application Form (Amma Kapitu Thittam Card Form)

  • Ration card copy
  • Self-declaration from family
  • Pan card
  • Aadhar card
  • Address proof
  • Identity proof

List of Diseases and Treatment Covered Under CM Health Insurance Scheme Tamil Nadu

Bariatric surgery Obstetric surgery Neurosurgery Radiation oncology
Cardiology Hematology OFMS Rheumatology
Cardiothoracic surgeries Herpetology Ophthalmology surgeries Spine
Dermatology Infection disease Orthopedic trauma Stemi
ENT Interventional cardiology Pediatric intensive care Surgical gastroenterology
Endocrine surgery Medical oncology Pediatric surgeries Surgical oncology
Endocrinology (follow up procedure ) Neonatology PMR Thoracic medicine
Gastroenterology Nephrology Psychiatry Vascular surgeries

Here you can download Amma Kapitu Thittam Card Application Form PDF / Tamil Nadu CM Health Insurance Scheme Application Form PDF by click on the link given below.

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