Surya Siddhanta English

Dear readers, here we are presenting Surya Siddhanta English PDF to all of you. Surya Siddhanta is one of the most amazing text-book oF Hindu Astronomy with notes and an appendix. This book is edited by Phanindralal Gangooly and written by Rev. Ebenezer Burgess.
Surya Siddhanta English was published by the University of Calcutta in 1935. This book may prove very useful to you. If you want to learn something in your life then this may be one of the useful books for you to change your life. You can read this book to know more about the Surya Siddhanta.

Surya Siddhanta in English PDF

It was in 1860 A.D. that Eeverend E. Burgess published his famous translation of the Surya Siddhanta, in the Journal of the American Oriental Society. Owing to the time, though, and patient diligence that he and liis colleagues devoted to the task, this translation stands out as a model of research work in the field of Hindu astronomy. Now after a lapse of three-quarters of a century, it has become almost inaccessible to any Indian researcher of the present times. The Calcutta University is now publishing a reprint of this valuable work and this, it is hoped, will remove a long-felt want. The supervision of the work of reprinting was done by Mr. Phanindra Lai Ganguly, M.A., B.L., P.R.S., of the Department of Pure Mathematics, Calcutta University. To the reprint is prefixed an introduction which attempts at
tracing the growth and development of the Surya Siddhdnta as to its date, authorship, and methods according to the most recent researches of its writer; it also aims at showing the independence of the Hindu scientific astronomy of any foreign, more especially the Greek, source. The cost of publishing this reprint is met out of the Research
Fund in Indian Astronomy and Mathematics created by the late Maharaja Sir Manindrachandra Nandi, K.C.I.E., 1 of Cossimbazar.
August 1935.
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