Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Application Form 2022

Adoration to all, today we are going to upload the Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Application Form 2022 PDF to assist you all.  Normally, the Oil Companies share their promotions in the newspaper or on their website for setting up petrol pumps at various places in the country. Individuals who are interested to get the dealership can apply online for the necessary license to open a petrol pump in desired state/city/region. If the oil marketing company receives the excess number of applications, it announces the name of the winner through a lottery system. The winners of the lottery will have to submit the relevant documents to the oil company.

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Application Form 2022 PDF – How to Apply

After getting the shell petrol pump license, the person will have to obtain the GSTIN number to pay the GST and open a current account in the name of his petrol pump.
So in this way you will get a petrol pump license, the applicant has to go through a very complicated process. If the person becomes eligible for the shell petrol pump dealership then he has to invest a lot of money which is not an easy task for every person. But if the applicant gets the license, it is a win-win situation for the generations to come.

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Apply Online

First of all, you have to go to Shell’s website, there you will get all the information related to the application.

  • To get the dealership of the shell company, you need to submit the application form to the company. This application form is available in both Hindi and English languages ​​on the official website of this company Visit Website – Click Here
  • After going to the website, you will get the option of Business Customer, click on it.
  • Here you will get a form which you have to fill with complete details
  • After filling the form, the company will review your application and after everything is correct, the company will contact you itself.

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Cost

  • Initially, the retail applicant will have to pay Rs 18 lakh as security to the shell company.
  • Apart from this, all the expenses incurred in operating the retail outlet will also be done by the retailer itself.

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Profit Margin

As you know petrol pump is a 24*7 business but you also get a good commission in it, profit of 2 to 2.5 rupees per liter on petrol is Rs 1.80 to 2.40 rupees per liter on diesel. But the earning that you earn is on your sales, the more you sell, the more you will earn, so you have to focus on selling as much as possible.
The profit and income from retail outlets mainly depend on the size of the outlet and the location of the outlet. An estimated annual profit is likely to be in the range of Rs.8 lakh to Rs.10 lakh, this estimate may be more or less.

Loan For Petrol Pump

If you are willing to take any petrol pump dealership but are unable to invest, then do not worry. You can also take loans from banks for opening and expanding petrol pumps. Nowadays, facilities like restaurants are also available at the petrol pump.
The cost of starting a petrol pump business depends on the area. If the petrol pump is to be opened in the urban area, then the expenditure will be accordingly, whereas if there is a metropolitan area, then the expenditure will be according to that.
And if the petrol pump is to be opened in the rural area, then its cost will be slightly less. Still, you should have Rs 15-20 lakhs worth investing and for which you may also have to take a loan from the bank.

Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Contact Number

Website –

  1. Technical Help Desk. 1-800-237-8645.
  2. Global Key Account. 1-877-350-7030.
  3. Distributor Inquiries. 1-877-536-8073.
  4. Transport and Industry (Direct Customers) 1-800-332-6457.
  5. Consumer (Direct Customers) 1-877-536-6324.
  6. Retail Lubes. 1-877-536-8029.

if you want to download the Shell Petrol Pump Dealership Application Form 2022 PDF you can download it by clicking on the given link below.

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