SBI Balanced Advantage Fund NFO

SBI Mutual Fund today launched SBI Balanced Advantage Fund. The New Fund Offering (NFO) is open today and will close on August 25. The fund will track CRISIL Hybrid 50+50 Moderate Index TRI. This fund will create wealth through equities over the long term and will provide stability to the portfolio through debt instruments.
Unlike other balanced advantage funds, the fund manager will have complete leeway to navigate the asset classes in the range of 0-100% based on parameters like valuation, earnings drivers, sentiment indicators.
Most balanced advantage funds keep their equity and debt allocation in the range of 30-80%, but here the fund manager has 100% flexibility. It can be a Flexi cap fund.
Pankaj Mathpal, Founder and MD, Optima Money Managers says, “I think fund managers have the freedom to allocate 100% of this fund to any asset class, but they will not do so.
You can download the SBI Balanced Advantage Fund NFO PDF by going through the following download button.

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