Rolex Watches Catalogue

Rolex’s history is closely tied to the visionary ideology of its founder, Hans Wilsdorf. In 1905, at the age of 24, Hans Wilsdorf founded a company specializing in the distribution of timepieces in London. He started dreaming of a watch to be worn on his wrist. Wristwatches at the time were not very accurate, but Hans Wilsdorf foresaw that they could be not only elegant but reliable. In order to assure the public of the reliability of his absolutely innovative watches, he equipped them with small but very precise movements manufactured by a Swiss watchmaker in Bien.
According to Rolex, they said “We call it the spirit of the Perpetual. It is based on a fundamental belief in unlimited human potential, continuous improvement and lasting excellence, always pushing boundaries, and adopting a long-term vision. Our watches are made forever. Similarly, our contribution to the generations to come. Learn about our corporate commitments at”

Rolex Watches Catalogue PDF-Overview

Name Rolex
Industry Designer Watchmaking
Founder 1905(W&D), 1915(Rolex)
Founders Hans Wilsdorf, Alfired Davis
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland

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