Pondicherry Sightseeing Places List

Dear reader, if you are searching for the Pondicherry Sightseeing Places List PDF but you didn’t find any link anywhere so don’t worry you are on the right page. In this article, we have added the all beautiful and tourist places of Pondicherry. This article is specially written for travellers and who want to visit every beautiful place on the earth. Pondicherry is a union territory town bounded by the southeastern Tamil Nadu state. Below we have given the download link for Pondicherry Tourist Places List PDF.
In Pondicherry you can see perpendicular streets, French style villas, and their language being few examples. You can download the Pondocherry Tourism Guide PDF directly by using the download link given below. Pondicherry is tucked in the south east corner of India, surrounded by the state of Tamil Nadu overlooking the Bay of Bengal.

Pondicherry Sightseeing Places List PDF

  • Pondicherry’s French Heritage
  • Paradise Beach
  • Sri Aurobindo Ashram
  • Auroville
  • Scuba Diving in Pondicherry
  • Promenade
  • Serenity Beach
  • Arikamedu
  • Auroville Beach
  • Chunnambar Boathouse
  • The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
  • The Pondicherry Botanical GardenOld Lighthouse
  • Jawahar Toy Museum
  • French War Memorial
  • The Pondicherry Museum
  • Rock Beach
  • Shopping in Pondicherry
  • Mahatma Gandhi Statue
  • Park Monument (Aayi Mandapam)
  • Bharati Government Park
  • Ousteri Lake
  • Statue of Dupleix
  • Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral
  • Manakula Vinayagar Temple
  • Sri Karaneswara Nataraja Temple
  • Veerampattinam Beach
  • Goubert Market
  • Pudukuppam Beach

Here you can download the Pondicherry Sightseeing Places List PDF by click on the link given below.

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