Dear users, today we are going to share PINDICS Form PDF with you. PINDICS means Performance Indicators. It is used to assess the performance and progress of teachers. It consists of performance standards (PS), specific standards, and performance indicators. Performance standards are the areas in which teachers perform their tasks and responsibilities. In this post, you can download the Pindics Self Assessment Report PDF by using the link below.
Under performance standards, there are some specific tasks that are expected to be performed by the teachers. These are termed specific standards. From specific standards, performance indicators have been derived.

PINDICS Form PDF – Guideline for Teachers

  • Complete the teacher identification information on page 1.
  • No item should be left blank
  • Read each performance indicator carefully and reflect on it in the context of your classroom
    practice and give rating points in the appropriate box.
  • Place yourself on a point on the four point scale according to your performance against each
  • Work out the total score on the performance standard (area) by adding scores on each indicator
    of the standard.
  • Prepare a descriptive report on the basis of your assessment. The report may also include the
    areas in which help is required.

Pindics Self Assessment Report PDF

Here you can download the PINDICS Form PDF by click on the link given below.

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