Physical Education Class 12 Question paper 2019

Dear students, today we are going to share the Physical Education Class 12 Question paper 2019 PDF for your practice and better improvement. The students can practice the Old Model Test Papers to get good grade. There are various career options for the students of Physical education such as:

  • Sports academy
  • Health clubs
  • Sports goods manufacturing companies and in areas of marketing
  • Commentator
  • Sports journalist
  • Sports trainer
  • School/college teacher (physical training)

Health Education aims to provide knowledge and skills to empower pupils to lead healthy lifestyles and to take responsibility for the health and well-being of others and the environment. Another key aim for the program is to provide pupils with the opportunities to develop and practice good health habits and attitudes.

Physical Education Class 12 Question Paper 2019 PDF, Syllabus and Question Paper Design PDF:

Class Particulars LINKS
12th Syllabus Download Here
12th Q.P. Design Download Here

Physical education is a vast subject that studies the biological, psychological, physical and nutritional aspects of sports. It is essentially an interdisciplinary area of inquiry aimed at identifying and knowing all factors, which can keep the human body healthy so that he can play his best. Physical education is now a compulsory subject in schools and Universities. Students are encouraged to indulge in any physical activity.
The students interested to view the syllabus and Question Paper design PDF can download them by clicking on the links given in the above table. And to download the Physical Education Class 12 Question paper 2019 PDF, click on the Download button given at the bottom of the page.

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