Philosophy Class 12 Question Paper 2019

For the students of Philosophy, we are going to share the Philosophy Class 12 Question Paper 2019 PDF to help them in the preparation of their final exams. The students can practice the Old Model Test Papers to get good marks in the Board exams. After completing your 12th class and degree in philosophy, you can work in the fields as:

  • Advertising
  • Arts
  • Broadcasting
  • Commerce 
  • Civil services
  • Computing
  • Journalism
  • Marketing
  • Politics
  • Management
  • Teaching

At the time of study in college, you may also be approached by various companies for practice. Philosophy as a subject will make you understand the existing issues. The subjects in the philosophy course will include politics, logic, ethics and religion. The course is designed so that the students are instilled with a thought process of their own during the course of their education in the fields.

Philosophy Class 12 Question Paper 2019 PDF, Syllabus and Question Paper Design PDF:

Class Particulars LINKS
12th Syllabus Download Here
12th Q.P. Design Download Here

A Philosopher will develop reasoned arguments and will communicate effectively. He will also have the ability to speak, think and write more clearly. Philosophers are known to have more creative and original solutions to problems and can easily analyze complex problems as well as examine problems systematically. Also, philosophers tend to learn to be empathetic and also understand related disciplines such as specialist in HR, interviewer, consultant, student affairs, public service, journalism, research, law, diplomacy, insurance, etc.
Students interested to download the Syllabus and Question Paper Design PDF can access the links given in the above table and can press the Download button given at the bottom of the article to download the Philosophy Class 12 Question Paper 2019 PDF.

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