Parts of Speech in English

Dear readers, Here we are providing Parts of Speech in English PDF to all of you. Part of speech or part-of-speech is a category of words that have similar grammatical properties. Almost all languages have the word classes noun and verb, but beyond these two there are significant variations among different languages.
The part of speech is a very important part of English grammar. Noun, Verb, Participle, Article, Pronoun, Preposition, Adverb, and Conjuction are the part of speech that play a very vital role in English grammar. Some word classes are universally closed, however, including demonstratives and interrogative words.

Parts of Speech in English PDF

  • Noun (names)

a word or lexical item denoting any abstract (abstract noun: e.g. home) or concrete entity (concrete noun: e.g. house); a person (police officer, Michael), place (coastline, London), thing (necktie, television), idea (happiness), or quality (bravery). Nouns can also be classified as count nouns or non-count nouns; some can belong to either category. The most common part of speech; is called naming words.

  • Pronoun (replaces or places again)

a substitute for a noun or noun phrase (them, he). Pronouns make sentences shorter and clearer since they replace nouns.

  • Adjective (describes, limits)

a modifier of a noun or pronoun (big, brave). Adjectives make the meaning of another word (noun) more precise. Verb (states action or being) is a word denoting an action (walk), occurrence (happen), or state of being (be). Without a verb, a group of words cannot be a clause or sentence.

  • Adverb (describes, limits)

a modifier of an adjective, verb, or another adverb (very, quite). Adverbs make the language more precise.

  • Preposition (relates)

a word that relates words to each other in a phrase or sentence and aids in syntactic context (in, of). Prepositions show the relationship between a noun or a pronoun with another word in the sentence.

  • Conjunction (connects)

asyntactic connector; links words, phrases, or clauses (and, but). Conjunctions connect words or groups of words
Interjection (expresses feelings and emotions) is an emotional greeting or exclamation (Huzzah, Alas). Interjections
express strong feelings and emotions.

  • Article (describes, limits)

a grammatical marker of definiteness (the) or indefiniteness (a, an). The article is not always listed among the parts of speech. It is considered by some grammarians to be a type of adjective or sometimes the term ‘determiner’ (a broader class) is used.
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