On Killing A Tree Class 9 Questions And Answers

Dear reader, if you are searching for On Killing a tree Class 9 Questions and Answers PDF and you are unable to find it anywhere then don’t worry you are on the right page. It is a poem of NCERT book class 9 chapter 8. In this poem, The poet says that if we want to kill a tree, it takes a lot of time. A tree cannot die by just one cut done by an ordinary knife. The tree grows by getting food and other nutrients from the earth. It sucks sunlight, air, and water for years and becomes very powerful. You can direct download a PDF of On Killing A Tree for free using the download button
If we try to cut or tear it, it does not cause much pain to it. Its bleeding skin quickly heals. Small twigs split from it and soon they become very big and powerful. The poet says that the real strength of a tree lies in its roots. If we want to kill the tree forever, then its roots should be taken out completely. They should be left out in the open so that they wither in the sun and suffocate due to the wind. Thus after a long process of changing shape and color, we can say that the tree has died.
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