Numerology Book in English

Dear readers, Here we are presenting Numerology Book in English PDF to all of you. Numerology is one of the most popular beliefs combined with proper scientific and astrological formulas described in ancient numerology. There are many celebrities who changed the spellings of the names due to numerological suggestions.
Numerology Number Chart will help you to find the solutions to your several small and big problems that are affecting your life for a long time without leaving you in peace and calmness. You can also find the numerical values and predictions for your life through numerology.

Numerology Chart in English PDF

Number -1 One means power, might, courage, bravery, resilience in life.
Number – 2  Refinement, femininity, delicacy, flexibility, partnership.
Number – 3  Imagination, creativity; lifestyle characteristic of a celebrity.
Number – 4  Poise and balance, consistency, diligence, patience, good organization.
Number – 5  Mobility, versatility, curiosity, constant urge to change places, sensation.
Number – 6  Harmony, tranquility, romantic personality, family, heart, and home.
Number – 7  The path of explorer, philosophical mind, self-analysis.
Number – 8  Material personality, wisdom, confidence, compromise.
Number – 9  Communicativeness, scale, universalism, diversity.

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