Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Nazism is an extreme form of fascism that Hitler developed in Germany. Nationalism has been given primacy under Nazism, according to Rajni Pam Dutt, until the arrival of fascism in Italy, liberal ‘democratic’ and social-democratic circles generally believed that fascism and its industrial proletariat were not strong, but Germany and Europe. It was the most advanced and industrially developed country of the United States and nowhere else in the whole capitalist world than this organized and politically conscious industrial proletariat. In this article, we have also uploaded the Nazism and the Rise of Hitler PDF in English for you.
The Munich Rebellion of 1923 AD is foiled and Hitler is sent to prison, but he spends his thirteen months in prison to write his biography ‘Mein Kampf’. After coming out of jail, he started calling himself a writer instead of a painter. Contemporaries and some historians did not give importance to this biography as a ‘daydream’, due to the pomp of words, spurious style, the tendency to repeat again and again, and the complete absence of misconceptions and original ideas. a. G. In the words of P. Taylor, it is an expression used in the conversations of any coffee house in Austria or a tavern in Germany, to some extent it is a misleading biography, then it is also a political program and book of action, the struggle for survival The idea of Hitler was an opponent of democracy, opposing it, saying that ‘democratic principles had always been the cause of the ruin of the people, the only objective of the Nazis was that capital and labor should be used in the interest of the nation and the collective needs of the nation.
Here you can download the Nazism and the Rise of Hitler PDF in English by click on the link given below.

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