Morrison Teaching Model

Greetings to all, today we are going to upload the Morrison Teaching Model PDF to assist you all. The Morrison teaching model is also called the understanding level or understanding level teaching system. Comprehension is a very broad term in the field of teaching. The word perception has been used by psychologists and educationists in many ways, so the teacher also presents this word in an uncertain way. we have Morrison Teaching Model in pdf format at the end of this page can download it from here.

Morrison Teaching Model PDF- Three Aspects

Many meanings have also been given in the dictionary, such as-
interpreting meaning,
understanding of ideas,
get acquainted with
understanding nature and nature
To understand the meaning used in language and to become clear as fact.
Maurice L. Viggi has used perception to explain the following three aspects-
1. Seeing the Relationship between Different Facts
2. Seeing facts as operations
3. Coordinating both the relation and operation of facts
For teaching at the understanding level, it is necessary that before this teaching has taken place at the memory level. Without this, understanding level teaching cannot be successful. At this stage, the teacher makes the students aware of the relationship between generalization principles and facts and makes the teaching process meaningful and meaningful. In incomprehension level teaching, the teacher presents the text to the students in such a way that the students get maximum opportunities for understanding and more understanding can be developed in the students. In this type of teaching, both the teacher and the student are active. The learning level of understanding is objective-centered and comprehensible. Both essay and objective systems are followed for evaluation. The method is used both factually and descriptively. Recall, recognition, and short answer methods are used in objective tests.
you can download the Morrison Teaching Model PDF by clicking on the link given below.

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