Morphological Image Processing

Here we have uploaded the Morphological Image Processing PDF for you. Morphological image processing is used to extract image components for the representation and description of region shape, such as boundaries, skeletons, and the convex hull. According to theory, morphological operations rely only on the relative ordering of pixel values, not on their numerical values, and therefore are especially suited to the processing of binary images. Below we have provided the download the link for Morphological Image Processing PDF.

Morphological Image Processing PDF

Consists essentially of two steps:

  • Probe a given object in x[m,n] with a structuring element (se)
  • Find how the se fits with the object

Information about fit is used to

  • extract info about the form of object; OR
  • change pixel values and shape objects

Different size & shape of se yields different kinds of info about the object; shapes the regions in different ways.
Here you can download the Morphological Image Processing PDF by click on the link given below.

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