Medical Oxygen Plant Setup Cost in India

Medical Oxygen Plant Setup Cost in India PDF :
The total estimated cost of the medical Oxygen plant setup is Rs. 44.83 Crores and term loan of Rs. 29.00 Crores, at a debt:equity of 1.83:1 which is further explained in the project report.
This report is focused on a manufacturing unit of Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Oxygen, Industrial and Medical Oxygen, Industrial and high purity Nitrogen gas. The capacity of this manufacturing unit is 1,59,84,000 Cubic Meter (20000 MT) per annum. This project is situated on a land measuring 2 Acres.

 Description  Amount (in Crores)
 Margin for WC  56,00,000
 Equipment & Electrification  346,100,000
 Contingencies @ 3%  12,000,000
 Preliminary & Pre-op Expenses  21,300,000
 Other Fixed Assets  33,500,000
 Civil Cost  21,500,000
 Land & Site Development  8,300,000
 Total  44.83 Crores

Use in Medical Industry :
In healthcare institutions like hospitals, oxygen supplies are kept in stock. These are provided to patients who have difficulty breathing. This breathing apparatus is also used by astronauts walking in space, scuba divers and mountaineers. Oxygen gas is used to destroy bacteria. The same oxygen gas is used to treat victims of carbon monoxide poisoning.
Oxygen is an element that can be a solid, liquid or gas depending on its temperature and pressure. Oxygen is efficient at killing bacteria and is, therefore, commonly used for cleansing the body from harmful bacteria. In general, deep breathing increases the amount of oxygen in the body. In certain situations, one can use liquid oxygen as well for therapeutic purposes. two oxygen atoms are connected together in a covalent double bond.
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