MCX Margin List 2021

Here we are giving you the MCX Margin List 2021 PDF for the people who have interest in share market and investments. The Multi Commodity Exchange(MCX) is India’s first commodity derivatives exchange which provide the facility of online trading of commodity derivatives transactions. Commencing operations in 2003, MCX operates under the purview of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).
MCX Demat Account
An MCX Demat account is a type of account that helps you invest in different commodities in the stock market. Till 2015, MCX Demat Account was regulated by the Forward Market Commission that later merged with SEBI.
MCX Trading Account?
An MCX trading account is the account through which you can trade in a wide range of commodities on the MCX.
The types of margin include:

  1. Initial Margin

Initial margin refers to the minimum margin money that you need to deposit in your MCX trading account to start trading.
  2. M2M Margin
Profit or loss in a trading day is adjusted each day by mark-to-market (M2M) margin. If there’s a profit, the money is transferred to your MCX trading account by the clearing house. On the other hand, if make losses, the money is transferred from the MCX account into the account of the clearing house by the broker.
3. Special Margin
Traders collect special margin to control volatility and set off excessive speculation. Note that the margin amount is anywhere between 5-10% of the contract value of the commodity.

MCX Margin List 2021 PDF link is given below

Members have to mandatorily report details of margins collected from the clients to the Exchange.
Schedule for Collection of Margin by members from their clients:

Type of Margin Time to Collect
Initial Margin Upfront
Extreme Loss Margin Upfront
Additional Margin T + 2 days*
Special Margin T + 2 days*
Tender Period Margin T + 2 days*
Delivery Period Margin T + 2 days*
Mark to Market Margin T + 2 days*

The members should report to the Exchange by T + 5 day the actual short-collection/ non-collection of all margins from clients. Exchange shall levy penalty on the reported instances of short collection/ non-collection of client margin on the T+5 reporting due date.
Penalty structure for short / non-collection of margins from their clients beyond T + 2 working days:

For each member
‘a’ Per day penalty as % of ‘a’
(<INR l lakh) and (<10% of applicable margin) 0.5
(>=INR l lakh) or (>=10% of applicable margin) 1.0

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