Madam Rides the Bus

Dear readers, here we are offering Madam Rides the Bus PDF to all of you. Madam Rides the Bus is a story of the Valli or Valliammai was a girl of eight years. She was very much eager about things. She had no playmates. So standing in the doorway of her house had become her favorite pastime.
But she was very much fascinated by the bus ride. It was an unending joy for her. There traveled a bus between her village and the nearest town at an interval of an hour. She had collected some details about the bus journey. The last destination of the bus was a town.

Madam Rides the Bus PDF FAQs

Q-1. Why did she not look out the window?
Ans– She did not look out the window because the memory of the – dead cow was haunting her.
Q-2. What did she do until the bus reached the village?
Ans– With her damp enthusiasm she glued to her seat until the bus reached the village.
Q-3. What contrast do you find in her disposition while her leaving – the bus?
Ans– The change of surroundings changes the disposition of a person. The sadness over the death of the cow is forgotten as she leaves the bus for her home.
Q-4. Find a word in the passage that means the same as ‘returned repeatedly in her mind’.
Ans– The word ‘haunted’ means ‘returned repeatedly in her mind’.

Questions of the Chapter Madam Rides the Bus

Ques1. What was Valli’s favorite pastime?
Ans- Valli was a Tamil girl. She had no playmates. It was her favorite pastime to stand in the doorway of her house. Thus she was able to watch all that was going on there. In a way, she had attained too many unusual experiences.
Ques2. What did Valli find out about the bus journey? How did she find out these details?
Ans– Valli found out the smallest of the details about the bus journey. She knew that the one-way fare of the bus was thirty paise. The distance from the village to the town was six miles and it took Forty-five minutes to reach the town and another forty-five minutes to get back home. She gathered these details by listening carefully to the talks of her neighbor and the people who had taken the ride of the bus and also by asking a few questions from here and there.
Ques3.Why did Valli stand up on the seat? What does she see- now?
Ans– Valli wanted to see the outside view but the canvas blind attached to the lower side of the window was obstructing her view. Therefore she stood on the seat to see the canal, palm trees, grassland, distant mountains, and the blue sky.
Ques4. What does Valli tell the elderly man when he calls her a child?
Ans– Valli told him that she was not a child and she has paid the same amount of the bus ticket as everyone else had paid.
Ques5. How did Valli save up money for her first journey? was it- easy for her?
Ans– Valli was a very wise girl. She saved her every penny to have a ride on the bus. She resisted every temptation to buy balloons, toys, peppermints, and so on. She even controlled herself to have a ride on the merry-go-round in the village fair. It was rather troublesome for her.
Ques6. Why did she not get off the bus at the bus station?
Ans– She didn’t get off the bus at the bus station because she-was afraid to get down. Moreover, She only wanted to take the bus ride and did not have enough money to buy something from the market.
Ques7. What was Valli’s deepest desire? Find the words and- phrases in the story that tell you this?
Ans– Valli’s deepest desire was a take a ride on a bus. She had- never been to any journey ever before. The following words and phrases tell us about this:

  1. The most fascinating thing of all was the bus that traveled between her village and the nearest town.
  1. The sight of the bus was a source of unending joy for Valli. Made by- Prabha Verma,A.T. G.i.c.pattharkhani, Pithoragarh
  1. Gradually a tiny wish crept into her head. She wanted to ride on that bus, just once.

Ques8. Why does the conductor refer to Valli as ‘Madam’?
Ans– The conductor was a jolly fellow. He had judged the-temperament of this small child. It was only to please her, he called Valli ‘madam’.
Ques9. Why does Valli refuse to look out of the window on her way back?
Ans– While on her way back, Valli saw a young cow lying dead by -the roadside. This scene was horrible and frightening. There was a fixed stare in her lifeless eyes with blood all over. Its memory haunted her very much. She lost all her enthusiasm and excitement. She no longer wanted to look out the window.
Ques10. What did Valli find out about the bus journey?
Ans– Valli found out the following things about the bus journey:

  1. Money- She needs to have more money than the bus fare.
  2. People- She met different passengers. Some of them belittled her importance and treated her as a child. She had to sit with a woman she did not like at all.
  1. New experiences- A bus journey means having new experiences- some may be good and others, bad. Valli enjoyed the sights of nature, waiting for a coming train at the crossing she saw a view of beautiful shops while crossing the streets in the town.
  1. Pleasure and Sorrow- Running of a young cow in front of the bus gave her pleasure. But on her return journey, the death of the same cow and its blood spread on the road gave her sorrow.

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