Madam Rides The Bus Class 10th Questions And Answers

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Madam Rides The Bus: Summary And Solutions

This story is about a sensitive eight-year-old girl, Valliammai, and her first bus journey into the world outside her village. At a very young age, she got an understanding of the mystery of life and death. She would often stand in the front doorway of her house and watch all that was happening in the street outside. She found the outside world very charming and fascinating, yet mysterious, and wanted to explore it by herself. She took a bus trip to visit the town and met different kinds of passengers on the bus. On her return trip, she saw the unpleasant sight of an injured cow by the roadside that made her very upset. She returned home safely and interestingly, none of her family members knew of her adventurous bus journey.

Detailed Table of Chapter 9 – Madam Rides The Bus Class 10th PDF

Sr. no. Particular Description
1. Board CBSE
2. subject English
3. Chapter 9
4. Class 10th
5. Title of the Chapter Madam Rides The Bus
6. Author Vallikkannan

Madam Rides The Bus Class 10 MCQ’s Questions with Answers

3. Why does the conductor call Valli ‘madam’?

Ans: Valli stopped the bus when it arrived on one fine spring day, in the afternoon. She tried to behave maturely and when the conductor let out his hand to help her climb the bus she refused. It was a big achievement for her to get on the bus alone and she felt like a grown-up. The conductor was a jolly sort and called her madam.

4. Why does Valli stand up on the seat? What does she see now?

Ans: Valli was overly excited about the bus ride. It was something she wanted to do deeply and when she got the chance to do it, she wanted to make the most out of it. She stood up because the canvas was obstructing her view that covered the lower part of the window. When she peeped out, she saw the narrow road with the canal on one side and palm trees, grassland, mountains, and blue sky beyond that. On the other side, there was a deep ditch with vast green fields.

Madam Rides The Bus Class 10 Extra Questions

1. What does Valli mean when she says, “I was just agreeing with what you said about things happening without our knowledge.”

Ans: Valli took the bus ride without the knowledge of her mother. She collected the money herself and then rode the bus in the afternoon when she was asleep. Her mother said that we are unaware of many things that happen around us and she agreed with her mother, remembering the bus ride she took.

2. The author describes the things that Valli sees from an eight-year-old’s point of view. Can you find evidence from the text for this statement?

Ans:  Valli tried to act like a grown-up but her perspective about the world remained the same. She viewed the world from the lens of eight years old. She was fascinated by the trivial things around her home and watched the world in awe. She wanted to explore the world further. It was a source of joy for her. Her strongest wish as eight years old was to ride the bus and travel to the town. She resisted all the temptation to save the money which made her proud of her achievement. When the author described the bus, he talked about the intricate details like it was a ‘new bus,’ painted a ‘gleaming white.’ The overhead bars ‘shone like silver and the seats were ‘soft and luxurious.’ Even these trivial details were so important for Valli as a child, something which adults do not do. Valli clapped her hands happily when she saw everything around her and found the cow incident so funny that even tears rolled down her eyes. Her heart was clouded with sadness when she saw the cow dead and it ‘looked so horrible.’ She was haunted to even look out of the window.

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