LTC Form

Greetings to all, today we are going to upload the LTC Form PDF This form PDF to help our daily users. And it can be used by the employee for getting a leave travel allowance from their employer. The pay for travel expenses is understood as leave travel concession (LTC) or leave travel allowance (LTA). LTC and LTA are reciprocation used which mean the same.
It is an allowance that is included in your overall CTC and forms part of remuneration provided by an employer to an employee. Although it is a part of your overall salary, you only get the money when you claim for it against travel made across the country. One should comprehend that travel expenses do not include everything. Expenditures related to travel made by rail, road, or air are covered under LTC while any costs related to food, accommodation, taxi, auto, or various other expenses you make while traveling are not covered.

 LTC Form PDF- Details

  • Name of the Officers
  • Post Held
  • Date of appointment in the present service
  • Basic pay of the official/officer
  • Approximate fare required for the journey
  • The period during which L.T.C. is proposed to be availed of (in case of self, please indicate whether leave has been sanctioned).
  • Block of year for which L.T.C. is proposed to be availed
  • And any other details.

You can claim LTC from your company. The claim should be a valid trip made by you between the leaves which you have applied in your company. The claim should be supported by proof of travel. LTC is offered on the employee’s journey. This means if you have bought your ticket with your family from Delhi to Mumbai and you don’t travel up to Mumbai, then in such a case, you cannot claim LTC. One must clarify the LTC reimbursement through one’s HR department or the accounts department for more clarity as per the company’s norms.
You can download LTC Form PDF by clicking on the link given below.

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