Logistics and Supply Chain Management MCQ

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logistics means to transport products to another location with the help of various transportation modes. Supply chain management is the management of the flow of goods and services and includes all processes that transform raw materials into final products.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management MCQ Questions and Answers PDF

Q1. A supply chain that includes the distribution of finished products and services?

a. Outbound logistics

B. Inbound logistics

c. Supply of goods

d. Transportation


Q2. What additional factor does overall equipment effectiveness take into account which makes it more

meaningful than efficiency or utilization?

a. Flexibility

B. Speed

c. Cost

d. Quality


Q3. Which of the following is true for supply chain management?

a. The physical material moves in the direction of the end of the chain.

B. Flow of the cash backward through the chain.

c. Exchange of information moves in both directions.

d. All the above


Q4. The purpose of supply chain management is

a. Provide customer satisfaction

B. Improve the quality of a product

c. Integrating supply and demand management

d. Increasing production


Q.5 VMI stands for

a. Vendor material inventory

B. Vendor-managed inventory

c. Variable material inventory

d. Valuable material inventory

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