Learning and Teaching B.Ed Notes

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The Course ‘Learning and Teaching’ have been conceptualized on the basic premise that learning and teaching should be viewed holistically. This course attempts to facilitate student teachers to understand learning and teaching as a process that works for the construction of knowledge.

Learning and Teaching B.Ed Notes PDF in English – Objectives

  • Describe the nature of learning,
  • Differentiate among learning, maturation, teaching, and imprinting,
  • Identify various activities reflecting learning,
  • Explain the role of understanding the dimensions of learning for a teacher to
    improve teaching-learning,
  • Identify various learning styles among learners,
  • Discuss the use of transfer of learning in the new situation, and
  • Keep in mind the pace of learning while designing teaching-learning

Here you can download the Learning and Teaching B.Ed Notes PDF in English by click on the link given below.

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