Language Across The Curriculum

Dear readers, here we are presenting Language Across The Curriculum PDF to all of you. Language is a means of communication, it is arbitrary, it is a system of systems. We know that speech is primary while writing is secondary. ‘Language is a mirror of mind in a deep significant sense.
Human civilization has been possible only through language. It is through language only that humanity has come out of the stone age and has developed science, art, and technology in a big way. You can get more detailed information about this topic in the PDF.

Language Across The Curriculum PDF – Course Objectives

  • At the end of the unit, the student–teachers will be able to
  • Understand the meaning and functions of language.
  • Differentiate between home language and school language.
  • Comprehend the language background of the learner.
  • Develop oral and written language fluency.
  • Recognize cultural diversity in the classroom.

You can download Language Across The Curriculum PDF by clicking on the following download button.

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