Krishna Charitra in English

Dear readers, here we are offering Krishna Charitra in English PDF to all of you. Lord Krishna is one of the main deities who got worshipped in Hinduism. There are many people who are in the hustle and suffering from it. Lord Krishna bestows his devotees with every kind of thing they need.
Lord Krishna is worshipped not only in India but also in the world. Lord Krishna Ji is most famous around the Vrindavan, Mathura, and around the Brij regions. If you also want to seek the blessings of Lord Krishna, you should read the Krishna Charitra in English.

Krishna Charitra in English PDF

“Pradip Bhattacharya and M. P. Birla Foundation deserve the gratitude of all the serious students of the Mahabharata. The translation is almost word-perfect…He has been able to capture the flow and the difficult and complicated syntax used by Bankim…very successfully captured that distinguishing atmosphere that is essentially Bankim…The introduction contains some interesting information hitherto little-known…The Bibliography…is very exhaustive…This work of translation is a production of a very high order. The printing, the binding, the get-up, etc. are excellent.” Maj. Gl. S.K. Sen, Vyasa’s Mahabharata: Creative Insights, Vol. 2, ed. Padma Sri Prof. P. Lal (Writers Workshop), The Statesman
“Truly meritorious translation…It is no routine exercise, but a labor of love and dedication.” Dr. K. R. Srinivasa Iyengar.
“I am very glad to have this important translation in my library…what I have checked seems excellent.” Dr. Julius Lipner, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge.
“Bhattacharya, a noted scholar on the Mahabharata with several works on the subject to his credit, certainly accomplishes a fine translation of a difficult work… But what is more, he enriches the work in the light of research subsequent to Bankimchandra’s… He also provides in the Appendix, notes on references to works and persons left unannotated by Bankimchandra as well as the English rendering of Sanskrit verses the author quoted only in their original.” Prof. Manoj Das, The Hindu.
“The style is racy and invigorating, facilitating understanding of the original essay…The abstruse Indian ontology propounded by Bankim has been lucidly and elegantly conveyed.” Prof. Debal Kr. Chakravarti, Vyasa’s Mahabharata: Creative Insights,Vol. 2, ed.  Padma Sri Prof. P. Lal (Writers Workshop, Calcutta).
“A monumental work…I do not think that anybody working on Mahabharata or Lord Krishna can afford to neglect this work…Publication and printing are flawless and match the standards of the contents of the book. The M. P. Birla Foundation deserves congratulations.” Prof. Jodh Singh, Head, Department of Religious Studies, Punjabi University, The Journal of Religious Studies. “excellent translation”. Dr. Hans Harder, Universität Halle, Germany.
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