Kirtan Sohila

Here we have uploaded the Kirtan Sohila PDF in Punjabi to our readers. Kirtan Sohila is Guru Vani that given you peace and power to live a happy life. Sikh recite this prayer in morning and evening to impress god. The lines of this Kirtan is very beautiful and full of motivation and devotion. Below we have given download link for Kirtan Sohila PDF in Punjabi.
Kirtan Sohila composition is by Shri Guru Nanak Dev in “Gauri Deepki Raga”. It appears these are the answers to the questions put by some saints to Guru Ji. (Question: Which is a place like a forest, pilgrim centre etc which is most suitable and beneficial for singing the praise of the Lord?).
Download the Kirtan Sohila PDF in Punjabi by click on the link given below.

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