Kandar Alangaram Lyrics

Kandar Alangaaram means “Poetical Adornment of Skanda.” This work is a garland made of beautiful, sweet Tamil and offered as ornaments to the Lord. Flower garlands fade away by usage in a couple of hours (or at the most in a few days). But this word-garland wafts more and more fragrance as days pass by because more and more people will come to know of it, sing or read it, and be benefited by it. Hence, such word-garlands are more pleasing to the Lord than flower-garlands.
Kanthar Alangaram is a work of 107 verses. As the title suggests, it gives a grand description of the Divine personality of Lord Skanda from feet to head, and His adventurous deeds, as also descriptions of His consorts, Valli and Deivayanai; His Vahana (Vehicle), the Peacock and the Cock

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