IPC Sections List

Here we have added the download link for IPC Sections List PDF to help our daily users. This list is very helpful and important for law students. You can read hundreds of laws in Indian Penal Code, 1973 PDF. This list is also available at official website Legislative.gov.in.
In IPC Sections List PDF you can read about offenses under the Indian Penal Code, the number of all the sections from sections 109 to 511, the definition of the penalty which can be given under them, cognizable or not cognizable, bailable or non-bailable, by any court. It is worth considering etc. information is available.

IPC Sections List PDF

In this schedule there is also a Metropolitan Magistrate under the terms of “First Class Magistrate” and “No Magistrate”, but there is no Executive Magistrate. The word “cognizable” is for “a police officer shall be able to arrest without warrant” and the non-cognizable term is for “no police officer shall arrest without a warrant”.
You can download the IPC Sections List PDF in English language by click on the link given below.

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