Intraday Chart Patterns

Today we are going to share Intraday Chart Patterns PDF with you with the aim to introduce you to the chart patterns. I refer to long-term patterns as those which take several (and usually much more) bars of data to create and they are also commonly referred to as Western Chart Patterns. You can see the same (or similar) patterns on a 1-minute chart which may only take 5 minutes to create, whilst also seeing patterns which last years or decades on the Monthly timeframes. In this post you can download the Intraday Chart Patterns PDF by using the link below.
They are not related to the trading timeframe they are seen on, as LT patterns can be seen on any timeframe.
However, a rule of thumb is that the higher the timeframe you see a chart pattern it is generally considered to be
more reliable, and the lower the timeframe tends to generate more false signals.
Here you can download the Intraday Chart Patterns PDF by click on the link given below.

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