IIT Kharagpur Calendar 2022

Dear readers, here we are presenting IIT Kharagpur Calendar 2022 PDF to all of you. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur is a public technical university established by the government of India in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India. This institution was established in 1951.
The motto of IIT Kharagpur is “Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam”. This literally translates to “Excellence in action is Yoga”, essentially implying that doing your work well is (true) yoga. If you also want to have the IIT Kharagpur Calendar 2022 so that you can know about the holidays of 2022.

IIT Kharagpur Calendar 2022 PDF – Mission

The Institute aligns all its activities to serve national interest and seeks

  • To provide broad-based education, helping students hone their professional skills and acquire the best-in-class capabilities in their respective disciplines
  • To draw the best expertise in science, technology, management, and law so as to equip students with the skills to visualize, synthesize and execute projects in these fields
  • To imbibe a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in its students
  • To undertake sponsored research and provide consultancy services in industrial, educational, and socially relevant areas

IIT Kharagpur Calendar 2022 – Vision

  • To be a center of excellence in education and research, producing global leaders in science, technology, and management
  • To be a hub of knowledge creation that prioritizes the frontier areas of national and global importance
  • To improve the life of every citizen of the country

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