IIT Indore Academic Calendar 2021-22

Dear readers, here we are offering IIT Indore Academic Calendar 2021-22 PDF to all of you. Indian Institute of Technology Indore is a public technical university. The IIT Indore is situated in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. Indian Institute Of Technology–Indore (IIT–Indore) was founded in 2009.
IIT Indore is among the eight young Indian Institutes of Technology. IIT Indore is officially recognized as an Institute of National Importance by the Government of India. IIT Indore Academic Calendar 2021-22 is very informational for those who are associated with IIT Indore.

IIT Indore Academic Calendar 2021-22 PDF – Introduction & Purpose

As the COVID-19 pandemic has influenced our life and living to a great extent, the evolving situation has forced our way of working by adding a new dimension to the concept of learning and teaching. This is a significant challenge and the reality is we need to create and adopt a safe working environment and working style within our institute community.
We understand the fact that life in the hostel and academic premises are our Living space and a social platform for interaction faculties, classmates, friends, and external visitors with the exchange of documents, ideas, and materials which are the potential sources and mediums of infection. It is also realized that we as individuals need to be healthy and awareness of health hazards and risk elements are necessary for ensuring a healthy environment and being more productive to achieve our goals and targets.  A set of new terms are common in Post Covid 19 :

  • Social Distancing
  • Personal hygiene
  • Work from home
  • Hand to hand is replaced by Ear to ear
  • Online working space and meetings
  • Peer vigilance for safety
  • Socialization in Post Covid-19

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