If I Were You Class 9th Questions And Answers

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If I Were You Class: Summary and Solution

If  I Were You is a play written by Douglas James. It begins with the telephonic conversation of a dramatist, Gerrard who was preparing to leave his house in order to attend a rehearsal. After hanging up the phone call, he starts packing his travel bag. While he is engaged in his work, he suddenly notices an intruder who has silently entered from his right side. Gerrard notices that the unknown man resembles him quite a bit and is holding a revolver in his hand. The intruder, without wasting any time, asks Gerrard to raise his hands up in the air. Gerrard on the other hand is surprisingly relaxed and does not panic at gunpoint. He starts chatting with the intruder and asks his name pleasantly.

Detailed Table of Chapter 11- If I Were You Class 9th PDF

Sr. no. Particular Description
1. Board CBSE
2. subject English
3. Chapter 11
4. Class 9th
5. Title of the Chapter If I Were You
6. Author Douglas James

If I were you class 9th MCQ’s Questions with Answers English Chapter 11

Question 1.
Who was cleverer?
(a) Gerard
(b) Intruder
(c) Sergeant
(d) all of the above
Question 2.
What did Gerrard do to the intruder?
(a) he killed him
(b) he knocked him down
(c) he locked him up in a cupboard
(d) all of the above
Question 3.
Who is the author of the lesson ‘If I Were You?
(a) Vikram Seth
(b) Douglas James
(c) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(d) Jawaharlal Nehru
Question 4.
Do you think Gerrard was a murderer?
(a) Yes
(b) No
(c) Maybe
(d) Not known
Question 5.
What was Gerrard’s full name?
(a) Bill Gerrard
(b) William Gerrard
(c) Henry Gerrard
(d) Vincent Charles Gerrard.
Question 6.
What was the intruder already wanted for?
(a) theft
(b) robbery
(c) murder
(d) kidnapping.
Question 7.
What does the intruder say about his specialty?
(a) murder
(b) kidnapping
(c) jewel robbery
(d) all of the above
Question 8.
Who did the intruder want to get information?
(a) Gerrard
(b) the police
(c) himself
(d) all of the above
Question 9.
What did the intruder have in his hand?
(a) a revolver
(b) a knife
(c) an iron rod
(d) none of the above
Question 10.
Who was the intruder?
(a) a thief
(b) a criminal
(c) a priest
(d) a soldier

NCERT Book Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 11 If I Were You

Question 1:

“They can’t hang me twice.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does the speaker say it?
(i) The speaker of the given line is the intruder.
(ii) Since he is already being hunted for having killed someone else, murdering Gerrard won’t make any difference. Hence, he says that he cannot be hanged twice.

Question 2:

“A mystery I propose to explain.” What is the mystery the speaker proposes to explain?

The speaker proposes to explain the mystery about himself. He tells the intruder that he would not be able to lead a peaceful life even as Vincent Gerrard. This is because he himself is a criminal living an unstable life, being hunted by the police.

Question 3:

“At last a sympathetic audience.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does he say it?
(iii) Is he sarcastic or serious?

(i) The speaker of the given line is Gerrard.
(ii) He says it as he is asked by the intruder to speak about himself.
(iii) He speaks the given dialogue sarcastically.

Question 4:

Why does the intruder choose Gerrard as the man whose identity he wants to take on?

The intruder chooses Gerrard as the man whose identity he wants to take on as they were of similar build.

Question 5:

“I said it with bullets.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) What does it mean?
(iii) Is it the truth? What is the speaker’s reason for saying this?

(i) Gerrard says the given line.
(ii) It means that when things went wrong, he had used his gun to shoot someone for his escape.
(iii) No, it is not the truth. The speaker says this to save himself from getting shot by the intruder.

Question 6:

What is Gerrard’s profession? Quote the parts of the play that support your answer.
Gerrard is a playwright by profession. Several parts of the play reflect this. Some of these are:
• “This is all very melodramatic, not very original, perhaps, but…”
• “At last a sympathetic audience!”
• “In most melodramas, the villain is foolish enough to delay his killing long enough to be frustrated”.
• “I said, you were luckier than most melodramatic villains.”
• “That’s a disguise outfit; false mustaches and what not”.
• “Sorry I can’t let you have the props in time for rehearsal, I’ve had a spot of bother – quite amusing. I think I’ll put it in my next play.”

Question 7:

“You’ll soon stop being smart.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does the speaker say it?
(iii) What according to the speaker will stop Gerrard from being smart?
(i) The intruder says the line under reference.
(ii)Peeved at the smartness displayed by Gerrard, the intruder says this to warn him against acting smart as he is unaware of the consequences that he might suffer.
(iii) The speaker thinks that Gerrard would stop acting smart once he comes to know about his plan to kill Gerrard and take over his identity.

If I Were You Class 9 Extra Questions

Question 1.
Which of the words below describe Gerrard and which describe the Intruder?
smart humorous clever
beautiful cool confident
flashy witty nonchalant

Gerrard was smart, humorous, confident, witty, and clever. He was cool. When the intruder broke into his cottage, he did not lose his patience and confidence. He cooked up a story, convinced the intruder, and got rid of him. He showed his intelligence and presence of mind. He was nonchalant also. The intruder was smart, beautiful, flashy, clever, and confident. He collected much information about Gerrard and planned his visit meticulously. He wore flashy clothes. He had the ability to make someone afraid of him. Moreover, he was witty and answered Gerrard’s questions intelligently and sarcastically.
Question 2.
Convert the play into a story (150-200 words). Your story should be as exciting and as witty as the play. Provide a suitable title to it. ‘Intelligence is more powerful than strength’.
Gerrard is a dramatist who lives in a cottage. A very few people come to visit him. He rarely goes out. If he goes out, he comes back suddenly. Once an intruder enters his cottage who has a gun in his hands. Gerrard receives him with a warm welcome. The intruder asks many questions to him about his personal life. He answers his queries intelligently and thoughtfully. The intruder tells him that he wants to take on his identity because he is being chased by police as he has murdered a cop. But Gerrard tells him that he will not be benefited by killing him as he is also wanted. And he expects the police there tonight to arrest him. So he asks him to run with him in the car. But when they are about to cross the door, Gerrard pushes him into the cupboard and slams it. Then he calls the police and gets him arrested.
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