Haryana Liquor Price List 2022

Dear reader, we are going to provide Haryana Liquor Price List 2022 PDF to help our daily users. This list includes the rate/price of all Indian and foreign whisky, wine, scotch, beer, and other liquor trademarks which are marketed in Haryana state. Haryana Alcohol Rate List 2022 is even available on the authorized website of the Excise and Taxation Department. In this list, we have also counted the Import Duty / Export Duty / Licensing charge for the economic year 2022.
Like other liquors, spirits are commonly drunk for the psychoactive marks of spirits. Spirits may be drunk on their own, commonly in little quantities. In the undiluted state, refined liquids are usually a little sweet, bitter, and typically impart a flaming mouthfeel, with a powerful aroma from the liquor; the exact taste differs between different types of spirits and the different impurities they impart.

Haryana Liquor Price List 2022 PDF

Sr.No. Liquor Size of Bottles
Quart Pint Nip
1.1 Country Liquor (50-degree proof) 160 90 55
1.2 Metro Liquor (65-degree proof) 185 95 60
2.1 IFL/IMFL (Bottled in origin or in India)
2.1A Super Premium                                                                      (18 years & above age or spirits of comparable quality & standards (e.g. Black Dog 18 years & above, etc.) 3000
2.1B Premium-I                                                                         (Scotches / Spirits of 12 Yrs. & above but less than 18 yrs. age or spirits of comparable quality &standards (Black Dog 12 Yrs, Teacher Highland, etc.) 1800 1000 550
2.1C Premium-II                                                                             (Scotches / Spirits of 8 Yrs. & above but less than 12
Yrs. Age or spirits of comparable quality & standards (Black Dog 8 Yrs., Teachers, Black & White, Old Smuggler, Passport, etc.)
1500 800 450
2.2 Antiquity Blue, McDowell’s Single Malt, Blender
Pride Reserve, Rockford Reserve, etc
850 500 250
2.3 Antiquity Rare whisky, Sterling Reserve B10,
Signature etc
700 400 200
2.4 Signature Whisky, Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi Rum,
Peter Scot, Blenders Pride, Golfer’s Shot, Rockford
Classic etc
650 350 200
2.5 Royal Challenge, Royal Stag, McDowell’s No.1
Premium, All Seasons, Royal Green, Sterling Reserve B7, Discovery Elite, The Hawkstone, etc.
480 260 140
2.6 McD No. I, AC Black, Whyte Hall, Imperial Blue,
Officer Choice Blue, Magic Moment, etc.)
400 210 130
2.7 New Approved ACP, New Approved AC Old
Reserve, Mughal Monarch, 8 PM, Green Label,
London Duet, Royal Arm, White Mischief, Vodka,
Romanov Vodka, Raffles, Blue Diamond Duet,
Casinos Pride, Old Smuggler, Rum, B R Gin, BP
Gold, DSP Black
310 170 95

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