Generic Medicines List

Friends, if you are searching for the Generic Medicines List PDF 2021 but you didn’t find it anywhere so don’t worry you are on the right page. Here we have provided the download link for All Generic Medicines List with Price PDF to help you. A generic drug is a medication created to be the same as an existing approved brand-name drug in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality, and performance characteristics.
Generic Medicines List PDF
A generic medicine works in the same way and provides the same clinical benefit as its brand-name version. A brand name for metformin is Glucophage. (Brand names are usually capitalized while generic names are not.) A generic drug, one used for hypertension, is metoprolol, whereas a brand name for the same drug is Lopressor.
Here you can download the Generic Medicines List PDF 2021 PDF by using the link given below.

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