Fine Arts Class 12 Question Paper 2019

Dear Higher Secondary(HS) school students, here you will get the Fine Arts Class 12 Question Paper 2019 PDF for preparation of the final exams. The students taken Fine Arts as a subject have the opportunities in various visual art forms including drawing, sculpting, painting, literature, music, dance, architecture and theatre. Fine Arts refers to any art form that’s practiced and perfected mainly for its visual appeal, performance, and aesthetic value.
Fine Arts is a traditional field with pleasure and creativity. This field offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in diverse areas. The prime focus is to study the history, significant works, famous artists, its contemporary usage and the techniques used.

Fine Arts Class 12 Question Paper 2019 PDF, Syllabus and Question Paper Design PDF:

Class Particulars LINKS
12th Syllabus Download Here
12th Q.P. Design Download Here

Professionals with a Fine Arts degree have career opportunities in various fields including music industry, publishing houses, product design companies, art studios, cinema, television, advertising companies, manufacturing departments, entertainment sector, designing, animation, educational institutions, etc. Besides these, there are many emerging job opportunities in global market as well.
Students who are interested to go forward for this domain can download the Syllabus and Question Paper Design PDF from the links given in above table. To download the Fine Arts Class 12 Question Paper 2019 PDF , click on the Download button given at the bottom at the page.

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