CBSE Chapter 2 Federalism Class 10 Notes

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Here we have compiled the “CBSE Notes Class 10 Political Science Chapter 2 – Federalism”, which will provide a clear insight into the chapter and all the important concepts. Federalism is a government system that divided the powers between central authority and various constituent units of India.

Features of Federalism

  • There are two or more levels (or tiers) of government.
  • Different tiers of government govern the same citizens, but each tier has its own
    JURISDICTION in specific matters of legislation, taxation, and administration.
  • The existence and authority of each tier of government is constitutionally guaranteed.
  • The fundamental provisions of the constitution cannot be unilaterally changed by one level of
    government. Such changes require the consent of both levels of government.
  • Courts have the power to interpret the constitution and the powers of different levels of
  • Sources of revenue for each level of government are clearly specified to ensure it’s financial
  • The federal system has dual objectives:
  • To safeguard and promote the unity of the country
  • Accommodate regional diversity.

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You can download the CBSE Chapter 2 Federalism Class 10th Notes PDF by click on the link given below.

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