Directive Principles of State Policy Notes

Dear friends, today we are going to offer Directive Principles of State Policy Notes PDF to help you. Article 36-51 of the Constitution if India contains Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP). In the Indian constitution, you can find political democracy and socio-economic justice for the people to establish a welfare state. In this post, we have explained Directive Principles in detail.
The Constitution of India was written by a great personality of India Dr. B R Ambedkar. DPSP was created with the aim to create an equal environment and communities for people.

Directive Principles of State Policy Notes PDF

Article What it says
36 Defines the “state”.
37 Part IV of the Indian Constitution shall not be enforceable in any court of law.
38 Social, Political and Economic Justice.
39 Principles of Policy.
39A Free Legal aid.
40 Organization of Panchayats.
41 Welfare Government.
42 Securing just and humane work and maternity relief.
43 Fair wages and a decent standard of life.
43-A Workers’ participation in management.
43-B Promotion of Cooperatives.
44 Uniform Civil Code.
45 Infant and Child Care.
46 Protection of SCs, STs and other weaker sections from exploitation.
47 Nutrition, Standard of living and public health.
48 Scientific agriculture and animal husbandry.
48-A Environment and Wildlife Protection.
49 Protection of monuments and places and objects which have national importance.
50 Judiciary should be separate from the Executive.
51 The state shall promote international peace and security.

Here you can download the Directive Principles of State Policy Notes PDF by click on the link given below.

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