Concept of Criterion Referenced Test

Here we have uploaded the Concept of Criterion Referenced Test PDF for our users. Language teaching and testing are inseparable and complementary to one another. Beginning from intuitive via scientific testing, today we are in the communicative era of testing. Recently, we have a plethora of language testing approaches and one of them is norm-referenced versus criterion-referenced testing. Although no testing is flawless and some degree of subjectivity is inevitable norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests give us different types of information regarding the performance of students in the classroom and outside. Below we have given the Concept of Criterion Referenced Test PDF download link.
The need for criterion-referenced measurements has mainly arisen from the introduction of instructional programs
organized according to modern principles from educational technology. Some of these programs are discussed, and it is indicated for what purposes criterion-referenced measurements are used. Three main problems of criterion-referenced measurement are distinguished.
Here you can download the Concept of Criterion Referenced Test PDF by click on the link given below.

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