Computer Fundamentals

Dear Learners, here we are providing you the link for the Computer Fundamentals PDF which will give you the basic knowledge of the computer system and its mechanism. As we all know that technology has become the integral part of our lives. We use technology for most of the work at personal and professional level. So it becomes important to get familiar with the Computer Fundamentals. Actually,  Computer is an electronic device that takes raw data as input from the user and processes it and  produces a result (output) to user.
The term computer is derived from the word “computare”.The word is derived from a “Latin” word which means to calculate.Therefore computer refers to a programmable machine that is used for some numerical calculations.
You can also have a look on the Syllabus of the Computer Fundamental to see the topics covered under this subject.

Computer Fundamentals PDF and Syllabus

Introduction to Computer and IT Brief history of the development of Computers. Computer System Concept, Computer System Characteristics, Capabilities and Limitations, Types of Computer-Analog, Digital, Hybrid, General,
Special Purpose, Micro, Mini, Super. Generations of Computers. Types of PCL, Computer Organization and working, basic components of a computer System (Control Unit, ALU, Input/Output Functions and characteristic), Memory-RAM, ROM, EPR OM, PROM and other types of Memory.
Input devises Keyboard, Mouse, Trackball, Joystick, Digitalizing tablet, Scanners, Digital Camera, MICR, OCR, OMR, Bar-Code Reader, Voice Recognition, Light Pen, Touch Screen. Output Devices Monitors – Characteristics and types of Monitors – Digital, Analog, Size, Resolution, Refresh Rate, Interlaced/Non-Interlaced, Dot Pitch, Video standard- VGA, SVGA, XGA etc. Printers – Daisy Wheel, Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser, Line Printer, Plotter, Sound Card and Speakers.
Storage Devices Storage Fundamentals – Primary Vs Secondary Data Storage and Retrieval l methods – Sequential, Direct and Index-Sequential. Various Storage Devices – Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Disks, Cartridge tape, data drives, hard disk drives, Floppy disk, Optical disk – CD, VCD, CR-R, CD-ROM, DVD. Number System Data Representation in Computers. Number System of Computers – Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hexa-Decimal Representation for their Conversion,
Computer Software Need, Types of Software’s – System Software, Application Software. System Software – Operating System, utility Program, Programming languages, Assemblers, Compilers, and Interpreter.
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