Climate and Weather Notes

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Temperature, pressure, wind, humidity, and precipitation, interact with each other. They influence the atmospheric conditions like the direction and velocity of wind, amount of insolation, cloud-cover, and the amount of precipitation. These are known as the elements of both weather and climate. The influence of these elements differs from place to place and time to time.
Traditionally there are six seasons in north India. They are (1) Basant Ritu (Chaitra- Vaisakh or March-April), (2) Greeshm Ritu (JaysthaAsharh or May-June), (3) Varsha Ritu (Shravan-Bhadrapad or JulyAug.), (4) Sharad Ritu (Aswina-Kartika or Sept – Oct.), (5) Hemant Ritu (Margashirsh-Posh or Nov-Dec.) and (6) Shishir Ritu (MaghFalgun or Jan-Feb.).
Here you can download the Climate and Weather Notes PDF by click on the link given below. 

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