Class 11 Kannada Notes

Dear students, here we are going to upload the Class 11 Kannada Notes PDF to help you. Friends, if you are searching for the 1st PUC Kannada Notes PDF but you didn’t find it anywhere so don’t worry you are on the right page. In this article, we have provided everything which you want to download and look for. The Karnataka board will soon conduct the 1st PUC Exam 2022 in all states.
In this article, we have also provided other information related to the 1st PUC Exam such as Syllabus, Sample Paper, Notes, Exam Pattern, Previous Year Question Paper, Model Paper, Time Table, etc. 1st PUC Kannada Notes PDF will help you to score the highest marks in 1st PUC Exam 2022.

Class 11 Kannada Notes PDF – Chapters

Sahitya Sanchalana Kavyabhaga

  • Chapter 1 Duryodhana Vilapa
  • Chapter 2 Vachanagalu
  • Chapter 3 Devanolidana Kulave Sathkulam
  • Chapter 4 Halubidal Kalmaram Karaguvante
  • Chapter 5 Tallanisadiru Kandya Talu Manave
  • Chapter 6 Shishu Makkaligolida Madeva
  • Chapter 7 Akhanda Karnataka
  • Chapter 8 Endige
  • Chapter 9 Magu Mattu Hannugalu
  • Chapter 10 Na Bari Brunavalla
  • Chapter 11 Matte Surya Baruttane
  • Chapter 12 Sunamiya Hadu
  • Chapter 13 Holige Yantrada Ammi
  • Chapter 14 Devarigondu Arji
  • Chapter 15 Jivake – Indhana

Sahitya Sanchalana Gadyabhaga

  • Chapter 16 Gandhi
  • Chapter 17 Ragi mudde
  • Chapter 18 Jyotishya – Arthapurnavo Artharahitavo?
  • Chapter 19 Sharsti Mastara Mattavara Makkalu
  • Chapter 20 Buddha Bisilurinavanu
  • Chapter 21 Mahatmara Guru
  • Chapter 22 Nirakaran
  • Chapter 23 Krishi Sanskriti Mattu Jagatikarana
  • Chapter 24 Chaturana Chaturya

Sahitya Sanchalana Nataka

  • Chapter 25 Boleshankara

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